Customized maps with visited countries make unique travel gifts

Customized map travel gifts

Enable your favorite traveler to map the countries they’ve visited and inspire the places they’ll visit next

You may have grappled with this before: it’s time to buy a gift for a friend or loved one, but you’re stumped because in true Millennial-style, they value experiences more than anything. They spend their hard-earned disposable income on travel and choose to escape to explore somewhere new anytime they can. Giving them “things” feels like you’re checking a box rather than truly delighting them with a thoughtful gift. But how do you gift them an experience?

It’s tricky to buy somebody a plane ticket or hotel room when you don’t know where they’ll want to jet next. You could get them something to take along on their journeys, but if they’re a frequent world traveler, they likely have all of their travel essentials finely tuned. Perhaps you want to get them something to remember a trip by, yet journals, scrapbooks and wall maps are memorabilia that are primarily enjoyed reclusively which is not your favorite traveler’s nature.

Customized travel map kids' t-shirtWe’ve had this gift-giving dilemma ourselves, and we’ve solved it by creating No Small Plan’s customized map products. Our interactive mapping functionality is a fun digital experience unto its own (you can see how it works here), but printing your travel map on a t-shirt or tote bag allows you to share your travels with the people around you. Whether you’re in line awaiting your morning coffee or milling with co-workers over lunch or enjoying a cocktail at a bar, your customized travel map is great conversation fodder. You may bond over where you’ve both been or where you hope to go. You may inspire somebody else’s travels, and they may inspire yours. 

Travel gift men's countries visited t-shirtMost importantly, giving a unique customized travel gift to somebody you care about is a way to inspire and memorialize the travel experience. That’s way better than a candle or tchotchke that sits on a shelf, right?! So get going by creating a customized map or buying a gift card. And sign up for No Small Plan’s email newsletter on our home page to be updated on new unique travel gift ideas and get motivating travel content.

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