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July 14, 2018

The best travel books for the savvy traveler

A travel guide with a particular lens that speaks to your interests and sensibilities can elevate your travel experience. We've curated a list of travel guides and books that will inspire your travels and spark unique travel gifts. 
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July 13, 2018

The best travel guides for a first-time visitor

Travel planning can be paralyzing even to the most experienced traveler in the overwhelming age of digital. A printed travel guidebook is a surprisingly relevant tool, especially when you're visiting a place for the first time. We've compiled a list that will help you discern which books are best for you or as a gift for your favorite traveler.
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June 6, 2018

Our 5 favorite travel quests inspired by art

If visual art in its many forms inspires you, why not let it inspire your travels? After all, exploring the earth without art is just “eh”.
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May 21, 2018

Top 5 sporty travel quests

If you’re looking for an excuse to travel the world—or the country—why not turn your love of recreational sports into a travel quest? Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or outdoor adventurer, here are a few athletic travel quest suggestions we think you’ll love.

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May 4, 2018

Travel quests for architecture buffs

If iconic buildings get your pulse racing more than palm trees, an architectural travel quest may be for you. Check out our ideas to plan trips around your favorite architect, epic skylines, modern wonders of the world and architectural movements.
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April 28, 2018

Let where you’re from inspire where you’ll go

The ancestry and genealogy craze prompted by companies like and 23andMe has led to an emerging trend in the travel industry — ancestry tourism. The idea is that you’re traveling somewhere with the intention of getting a deeper understanding of where you came from and forming a stronger connection with your history.

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