About Us

About us

No Small Plan

No Small Plan brings to life the places you’ve explored, enabling you to wear-and-share your travels with pride. We help you keep track of where you have been and motivate you to plot where you want to go next. We aim to prompt conversations and bonding over travel experiences, in real life, so each audacious explorer can inspire another.

Your Travel Quest

We believe traveling ambitiously is key to a fulfilling life. Travel is important to develop an awareness of other cultures, get yourself out of your comfort zone and be awestruck by the variety and beauty across your homeland and around the globe.

That's why we've created a platform for you to set a travel quest, map your progress and share your travel exploits to inspire others. We have an ever-growing range of products that are personalized for you and your travels, as well as unique, creative travel gifts.

Our Story

Founder Kara Walsh was inspired to start No Small Plan as she pursued her travel quest to visit 50 countries. As she socialized her pursuit, she learned about many other people's fascinating destination-oriented goals.

Kara’s vision was to create a platform to spark conversation between like-minded explorers, inspiring others to be more adventurous and set their own travel-related quest.

No Small Plan was born in New York City, is now based in Florida, and our personalized designs are printed in CA and NC. Our name is a nod to the popular quote by Daniel Burnham whose philosophy towards architecture and urban planning is spot on for exploring the world as well.