What counts as having visited a country?

That is completely up to you! Some people "count" a country if they feel they got a sense of the place, no matter how long they were there. Some people may count a country only if they spent at least a night there, while others say any visit counts, no matter how brief. You get to set your own rules.

How many countries are there in the world?

Well, it depends on which list you go by. The most popular reference point is the 193 UN member states. The US State Department lists 195 independent states in the world. Our interactive map on No Small Plan allows you to track both countries and territories of which there are over 250.

I forgot to add one of my countries to my map. Can I get it updated on the item I ordered?

If you let us know within 24 hours of making your purchase, we can make the necessary adjustment. Please update your saved map associated with the purchased item and notify us by email at help@nosmallplan.com.

I’d like to buy an item as a gift but I’m not 100% sure of every place the recipient has traveled. What should I do?

Your best bet is to buy a gift card for your lucky friend or loved one. We offer electronic gift cards and will have physical gift cards soon.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Given that each item is personalized, we do have limitations on our ability to accept returns and offer exchanges. We do not offer either for changes to your places visited, and we prompt you to review your selected places in the purchase process to help ensure they are correct.

We allow one exchange only for any size issues you may experience. We provide guidance on fit on our product pages to minimize the possibility of size issues, and we encourage you to email us at help@nosmallplan.com if you are not clear which size you should order, and we’ll provide any additional insight for your specific needs.

If there are any quality issues with your purchased item, we will of course rectify that for you. We'll send you a new item or issue a refund - you can let us know which you prefer. Please send us a photo that shows the issue to help@nosmallplan.com within 7 days of receipt, and we will let you know whether we need you to return the shirt to us, and if so, provide a shipping label.

Can I use different countries on different items I purchase?

Yes! You can save as many maps as you like, and just choose the relevant map before you add your item to your cart. Some ideas for different maps include countries you’ve visited, countries you’ve visited with your loved one, countries on your bucket list, or where your ancestors are from. 

Why aren’t all of the places I saved on my map included in the image or list on my t-shirt?

Some of our styles show only countries but not territories (most territories are islands that are not technically countries). Other styles show both countries and territories. We enable you to track both in our interactive map in case you decide to order a style that includes everything. Our descriptions on the individual product pages inform what each style includes.

Can I get a custom design for my unique geographic quest?

Great question! Not yet, but we do envision having custom capabilities in the future, and we are also actively building a pipeline of new designs based on all of the exciting quests we’re hearing from our customers. Please let us know what you would like us to add by dropping a note to ideas@nosmallplan.com.