Kids' Country Count World Map T-Shirt


Young globe trotters, show your friends how many countries you've been to and which ones you've visited on this fun T. Your country count will show along with the total number of countries in the world (193).

Half of the world and your country count is printed on the front, and the other half of the world is printed on the back.

Select your countries to be highlighted by making your map and adding it via the "add your map" button below.

    color: red-turquoise

    size: 8yrs

Add your map
Places highlighted in photo are an example. The item will be personalized with your selections after purchase.

selected countries


Inches 8Y10Y12Y
Length48-50 51-54 55-59

100% jersey cotton

  • grey-yellow
  • grey-yellow
  • red-turquoise
  • red-turquoise

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